About Me

My passions and life is constantly in development. I constantly develop new projects under the umbrella of my Volunteer organization Green Life Volunteers.

One project I founded is a dog and cat rescue project on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, which I run voluntarily in my free time. I also spend my time helping in a new Environmental Education project (voluntarily).

To earn money I am developing websites, do graphic design, and run my volunteer organization Green Life Volunteers.

I also love to help protect endangered species and habitats, and to contribute to social change and sustainable development.That’s why I studied biology and environmental studies, and ended up in one of the most bio-diverse places on earth – the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. And that’s also why I opened up Green Life Volunteers, which combines my passion to help people, animals and nature!

I am always doing something new and my life never stands still. I’ve traveled and lived in various countries around the world, including New Zealand (2004 – 2005), Sweden (2007 – 2008), India (2008), South-East Asia (2008 – 2009), Canada (2009 – 2011), and Costa Rica (since January 2011). In the meantime I graduated from my Bachelor of Science degree and Master in Environmental Studies degree with excellence (A+).

I ended up in Costa Rica by conducting my Major Paper Research on Squirrel Monkeys. I love Costa Rica, but I am not done yet with exploring the world. I am happy to work in any part of the world and my dream is to work in conservation and development projects – preferably in tropical areas of the world, since I believe those areas are currently most important to conserve.

Researching squirrel monkeys in Costa Rica fulfilled my lifelong dream of contributing to improving the conservation status of a highly endangered species and its habitat. My main focus of my Master studies was Conservation Biology and Protected Area Management. Squirrel monkeys are an endangered species, and occur mainly within two major protected areas within Costa Rica (Corcovado National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park). The study was intended to research negative impacts on squirrel monkey populations and find possible improvements for their conservation within their habitat. Read more on my study shortly here.

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In 2012, I established a volunteer company in Costa Rica, called Green Life Volunteers. Through Green Life Volunteers I can help various environmental, conservation, and social development projects within Costa Rica by providing them with “man-power” and “know-how” of foreign volunteers from all over the world. Amongst my projects are Turtle Conservation, Teaching, Environmental Education, Dog and Cat Rescue, and Working in Protected Areas.

In 2012 I also began to work as a freelance wordpress developer, graphic designer and website designer. I’ve never studied website design or graphic design, but it was always a hobby of mine. I love educating myself and building my skill set.

By building websites I help small local Costa Rican businesses to grow!

Read more about me and my experience in my CV here.