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I offer several website package deals.

Basic Website: A very basic website creation or switch from HTML to WordPress starts from 600 USD.

This usually includes around 5 pages (Home, About Us, Rates, Reservations, Contact Us, for example). It also includes choosing a design together with the client, around 5 stock high quality stock images (rest of the photos provided by client, or if more photos required adjustment of price), designing of a homepage slideshow, design of a simple logo/ header, design of sidebars and footers with widgets, and a 2-hour teaching session with my client on how to use the new wordpress website. I can also conduct a switch of webhost.This is for a website in one language only.

Advanced Website: An advanced website usually starts from around 1000 USD.

This means that I will create and write content and provide all or most of the photography. It also means there can be more than 5 pages. I will choose a design (together with client), install and create the website onto a server, possibly conduct a switch of webhost. I will also create a logo/ header, a homepage slideshow, design sidebars and footers, and teach the client how to use wordpress in a 2-4 hour session. This is for a website in one language only.

Additional Languages: 300 USD for creating your wordpress based site in another language.I can translate into English,German and Spanish.

Hourly rate for graphic design and website work – 15$ per hour.

If you want you can hire me for individual graphic design or small website work.

The rate then entirely depends on the project and possible hours spend on the work.

Graphic work can be digital or print. Digital work usually includes logo design, posters, flyers, and signs or banners.

I work together with a very good reputable printer in San Jose, Costa Rica, who has done most of my graphic art printing. They’re fast, inexpensive, and know me well by now. The quotes above do NOT include the printing costs, since they entirely depend on sizes, material and project type. If you contact me about Graphic Design work, I am glad to give you a quote from the printer as well.

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