Green Life Volunteers

Green Life Volunteers’ is going well! I’ve received already a number of volunteers. Soon a new volunteer will arrive and teach English Puerto Jimenez. I’m very excited to welcome her here, and I hope she’ll love this town as much as I do.

Puerto Jimenez is a really nice, sleepy little town – directly on the Gulfo Dulce in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. It is very secluded, about 5 hours from the nearest town overland, and 1/2 hour by boat/ lancha to the nearest bigger town Golfito. Since it is so secluded, this place doesn’t receive much attention – and neither do the local schools here.

English is taught in the schools, but there is no set curriculum and the kids don’t learn much English in the classes. Most learn their English after school by working in Tourism. To change that, I’m sending volunteers to the local school, to help the English teachers to teach better classes… and ultimately teach the kids better English.

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